Payments and Renewals

Thank you for insuring with YMI NZ.
To make payments and renewals easy we have a few different options available.

To make amendments including monthly or yearly payment frequency, please call 0800 664 678

Pay Online
Fastest & easiest way to pay with your credit card (Visa & Mastercard)

Pay by Phone
To pay via our automated credit card payment system, call 0800 664 678
Please Note: Have your Credit Card details and Policy on hand when you call.

Pay by Direct Deposit
To pay via Direct Deposit please use the following details:
Account :YMI-NZ
Account number: 02 01080574823 00

To help with your Renewal please;

1. Check Details
Please check that Your details contained in the attached Policy Invitation are correct and appropriate for Your needs. Your current Policy Wordings will continue to apply if You renew. If any of Your details are not correct please contact  Us on 0800 664 678  or email


2. Review Your Disclosure Obligations
Refer to the Policy Wordings for details of the duty. If there are any changes or new matters to be disclosed, please contact us on 0800 664 678 or email